tired and thinking about streaming

date: 22.8.2022


drinking: water
listening: the sound of rain outside
playing: with my rubix cube

i’m finally getting around to writing here! i’ve had the code ready for this page for a while but didn’t want to put it online until i actually had something written. i slept for like 3 hours last night, i just couldn’t fall asleep. i think i prolly had too much sugar, which apparently can affect your sleep. aaaand that makes me feel old, what do you mean i can’t just eat everything i want and not have it affect me?! life is truly unfair.

i had work today, i have two shifts left before school starts again. summer is almost over! it went by super fast and i didn’t really do much. the only thing i really did was i went to stockholm and saw my chemical romance. which really is the only thing i wanted to do. sooo, i would say my summer was succesful! speaking of mcr, i have become completely unable to be normal about them. this new tour???? what the shit? the coolest thing i have ever seen. they truly are the band of all time. i did manage to watch a livestream of (technically) yesterday’s show this morning ‘cause i couldn’t sleep. they’ve played bury me in black twice?? what is even life anymore?

anyway, let’s see if i can’t write something sensible. truly haven’t been able to think about anything else lately except mcr but i want to talk about something else as well. hbo max has removed a lot of animated shows from their catalog after the merger with discovery, i believe. can’t say i know a lot about the situation, just that a lot animators had their hard work basically erased. and they weren’t told about it. pisses me off, truly. like, i’ve been thinking about streaming a lot lately. i’ve started listening to music on cds again. i had a collection before but now i’m really getting into it. i bought a mp3-player and a portable cd-player. really digging it, honestly. i have a lot of nostalgia relating to cds. i just love looking at them and the art on a lot cds is fucking awesome. and i actually have the music. no one can take it away from me. which is important to me.

like with copyright law being the way it is (read: shit), stuff can really just disappear from streaming services. it has and it will. and if for some reason the services decides to change their policy, or pricing (looking at spotify), you’re completely at their mercy if you want to keep listening/watching. with the amount of streaming services, a lot of the convinience has disappeared. obviously this doesn’t really apply to music streaming, but there are songs and albums that are not on the services.

i also just feel like maybe humans aren’t meant to have everything within reach at all times like this. i feel like i genuinely get more out the albums i listen to when i have to get the cd and i have limited options. like we have the ability to listen to basically all recorded music out there but how often do most of us venture outside our comfort zone musically? maybe a lot of you do, i don’t know. but decision fatigue/paralysis are a real part of using streaming services. the most watch show on netflix? scrolling through your options and not being able to decide on what to watch.

i’m not saying that these services are all bad. i have discovered new artists that i probably wouldn’t have listened to if it weren’t for being able to just find them on spotify. but i do feel bad for the way that the services treat the artists. people making the music and shows and movies and such for the platforms. is my convinience worth more than them getting paid? it isn’t.

i do not have any answers for this, i’m just putting my thoughts down. i just think everyone should think about the places they get their media from and if the current situation is good for you, then awesome! i’m not saying everyone should stop being for streaming services. but i think i’ll keep working on my cd collection. i’m still paying for deezer (got sick of spotify and their podcast shit) for the time being. it’s an evolving situation. ultimately, everyone should do what works for them. but maybe think about it before you decide what works for you. i don’t know, i just wanted to ramble a bit. hope i get more sleep tonight! if you have any thoughts you want to share with me, you can email me or leave a message in my new guest book!

thnx for reading,