welcome, weary traveller of the net!

you have made your way to my little website, oh frabjous day! i'm kanilia and i'm the webmaster over on this corner of the internet. this site is very much still under construction, so please be patient with me. i'm also new to coding with html and css
so things might be a bit wonky. i'll try to update the site as frequently as i can. in the mean time, you can find me in my various
other hiding places online, links are in the side bar.

about this site

i used to run websites when i was younger, in the beginning of the 2010s and this site is my attempt to go back to that simpler time on the internet. i started learning html this year so the site is also a learning project. it has been coded with the help of countless online tutorials, especially tutorials from sadness. a huge thank you to her for the amazingly helpful resources! this
site is also of course a way for me to express myself away from the cluthes of social media's algorithms. my main goal here is
just to have a good time on line and i hope you'll join me in my quest! ^-^

what's new
  • 24.8.2022: wrote another super quick ramble because i felt too many emotions!
  • 22.8.2022: added rambles and the first ramble. also made a guest book!
  • 5.8.2022: added about and links, also thank you for 420 views! (nice)
  • 1.8.2022: site is live!
to do
  • add about
  • add links page
  • add rambles
  • add video games page
  • add music page