about the webmaster

hi! i'm thetiniestkanilia (you can also call me iona) and i'm the webmaster here. kanilia was the first username i picked for an online kids game when i was like 9, i believe it was panfu (only the real ones know panfu), and i've used it since. it doesn't mean anything, it's just a series of syllables i thought sounded cool together. i'm also really short in real life, about 145cm or 4'9", so i've made the executive decision of calling myself the tiniest of all kanilias. this has been the lore behind my username.

i'm currently studying at a university in finland. when i'm not stressing over deadlines and procrastinating writing essays, i enjoy listening to music, reading, writing and playing video games. i love ttrpgs and i gm from time to time. my dream is to make an original setting and run multiple campaigns in it set in different parts of the world's timeline. i also play bass (both electric and upright) and sing. i've recently started making my own music, so i might share that on this site in the future! i'm a sucker an aesthetic that combines cutesy stuff with horror themes, so that will probably be the direction i'll take this site. (provided my skills with designing sites can get me there :P)

when i was growing up, the internet seemed much more free. i loved browsing cool websites made by people, they were so full of personality. now all social media sites seem interchangable, devoid of real personality, solely focused on keeping people addicted so that huge companies can sell our data. i've never been super into social media, i remember actively saying that i was boycotting facebook when i was like 15. i still love the freedom and community internet can provide however and that's why i made this website. i'm trying to find ways to express myself and discover, what i want from my life and this website is a way of making that happen. another fun fact about me is that i love getting existential and philosophical about things like the internet. sooo, reach out if that's your cup of tea as well!